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Goaccess - Nginx log analysis / Graph Builder

GoAccess It is an open source interface and interactive viewreal time Web log analysis tool,Can be analyzedApache/NginxEtc. WEB log,It also supports HTML generation、JSON、CSV reports and other data。GoAccess can either display the results in a terminal,Report Viewer can generate HTML in a browser,And generate reports very cool。

I've been tossing,Finally realized view HTML reports in a browser。

Look at the final results:mytsin.com/analysis.html

Ready to work

system:CentOS 6.10 / CentOS 7

eb Service:Nginx

panel:Pagoda panel

Log Files:access.log


Chinese website:goaccess.cc

Official website:goaccess.io

  • Please back up your data (such as a website database, etc.) before installation
  • Determine where the log file directory

The demonstration of the following log files、Site Directory,Be modified according to their actual situation

  • Log files and directories for the presentation /home/wwwlogs/access.log
  • Demo site directory /www/wwwroot/mytsin.com/