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Always remember, never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see, for it could be. remember forever,Do not just be satisfied with the appearance of things,To dare to explore,Unknown possible

world,Hello there

this world,Hello there!

I find this world,Both familiar and unfamiliar。

"Familiar" is,I contacted it has more than ten years。In small when he started playing the computer,But ...... skill tree points crooked,Point to the online games。QQ TangDNFCsolt...... one resistant (xiao) person (hao) find (shi) taste (guang) game,To this end this way,Accompanied me spent his childhood。

"Strange" is,I see only the surface of this world,Never in this world,A deeper level of understanding,It is hidden under the screen world,What a scene? It is gorgeous,It is boring,Complex,It is simple?

I have been advocating the hacker spirit (Geek,It refers to the extreme heat of a particular aspect of people,Does not mean hacker),Off white、Honker these attracted me ......,To explore the deep-seated。Rain forest wood wind with Ghost installed、Depth of Windows XP,It had also installedKail LinuxUbuntuLinux system,Linux as opposed to my,A used to the graphical Windows interface,Very friendly。I remember I wanted to enter the first command to the command line -"ls",This has confused"l"It is not the "i" in the capital,He lost several times,They have prompted an error,Finally, in a prompt users,I understand this is the "L" in lowercase。After this,I gradually lost interest in Linux,Return to the warm embrace Windowsd。

对技术探索我只是浅尝辄止始终没有在这条道路下深入下去想学编程也只是囤积资料下完就丢在硬盘里一个漆黑的角落里再也就没打开学习过对于软件我也只是浅层的了解PhotoshopMicrosoft PowerPoint会声会影我也是只是会一些基础每当有人夸我会这些我也只是一笑而过我对我自己特别了解知道自己真正会的有多少真正到需要用到某个功能时才会匆匆去百度教程


很久之前我就想要做一个博客但因为要landuo也没有经济基础一直没有实现(找借口/逃)恰巧看到Dimpurr ChenywithR 酱小窝的博客分享自己的想法做一些教程帮助他人这又重新激发了我建站的想法,innamesilo上查到 mytsin.com 无人购买于是乎花了8.99$注册了一个域名博客目前使用的主题是Slackview – 多级响应式 Dimpurr Cheny创造我参考了一些网上的教程经历了一些探索曲折之后终于把自己的博客建立好了



我没有爱因斯坦那样的智商才华也在这广阔的知识海洋感受到了自己的无知这一次我对计算机技术的探索希望能走得更远更广在这个博客我将记录在专业学习编程相关机器学习、technology sharing、生活点滴等方面的分享

Eric StevenRaymond in How To Become A Hacker 中有一首禅诗我引用它来结尾

To follow the path:
look to the master,
follow the master,
walk with the master,
see through the master,
become the master.